The Central Penn Line South project is part of the larger Atlantic Sunrise Expansion Project that the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) will ultimately allow or deny.  FERC tracks all correspondence regarding the project using the Docket Number PF14-8.

All comments submitted to FERC will be available for review by Williams Transco and the general public.

To send FERC your thoughts

Use the FERC e-Comment system

  1. Type up your comments in a word processor first (up to 6,000 characters) - include the words 'Atlantic Sunrise Expansion Project' and the docket number PF14-8.
  2. Go to and follow the instructions
  3. You will receive an email from FERC with a link that will bring you to the comment system, where you can copy and paste your prepared comments into the submission form

- or -

Use the FERC e-Filing system

  1. If you have comments exceeding 6,000 characters or wish to include photos, maps, or other non-text attachments, first prepare the file or set of files that you wish to submit.  Include the words 'Atlantic Sunrise Expansion Project' and the docket number PF14-8 in each file you will submit.
  2. Create a login account with FERC at sure you proceed to full registration using the 'Next' button at the bottom.
  3. When prompted to supply an alternate contact, you will be informed it is optional for private citizens, but the form will require input anyway.  Supply your own contact information.
  4. You will receive a verification email.  Click on the confirmation link in the email to complete the registration.
  5. Proceed to the eFiling system at Log in and choose eFiling on the left.
  6. Choose filing direction 'General', kind of filing 'Comment (on Filing, Environ. Report, or Tech Conf)', and filing type 'Comment'.
  7. Enter the docket number PF14-8.  Select it from the results and click Next.
  8. Upload your file(s) as Public.  Click Next.
  9. Select 'As An Individual' as the filing party.  Click Next.
  10. Enter the email address you registered. Click Next.
  11. The generic description of the filing is sufficient. Click Next.
  12. Review and click Submit.  You will receive a confirmation email.

- or -

Write a letter

  1. eComment is the preferred method for comment submission, but
  2. You can write a letter including your comments, the words 'Atlantic Sunrise Expansion Project', the docket number PF14-8 and your name and address.  Send the letter to:

Kimberly D. Bose, Secretary
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
888 First St, NE, Room 1A
Washington, DC 20426


Deadline for Submitting Comments

General public comments can only be submitted to FERC during the pre-filing period.

The pre-filing period for the Williams Transco Atlantic Sunrise Expansion Project, of which the Central Penn Line South is a part, began on April 4, 2014 when FERC notified Williams Transco that they had been approved to use the pre-filing process.

The pre-filing period ends when Williams Transco submits its application for the project.  Williams Transco told FERC that they intend to file their application no later than March 2015, and pre-filing periods typically last at least six months, but otherwise when the end of the pre-filing period will occur is uncertain.